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At St Laurent Trends Salon and Spa our entire Salon and Spa Professionals are committed to offer the best experience. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

St Laurent Trends Ste Dorothee was recently voted # 1 Salon and Spa in Laval for 2016.

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Like a mini-lasso, thread is twisted & pulled along hairs, lifting them out of the skin from the root. Our technique provides the precision needed for brow designing. it also allows your specialist to target even the tiniest of hairs on the face (i.e., peach fuzz). we can also thread any stray hairs during body treatments.

Eyebrow Shaping – $20

Eyebrow and Upper Lip – $30

Upper Lip – $10

Upper Lip and Chin – $15

Chin – $10

Half Face (No Eyebrows) – $30

Half Face With Eyebrows – $40

Full Face (No Eyebrows) – $40

Full Face With Eyebrows – $50



St Laurent Trends offers superior waxing formulas for your waxing needs. When you come to our Salon & Spa for hair removal services, be assured that the only waxing formulas we use are top of the line products that are safe and time-tested, and that our facility is 100 percent hygienic.

We use two excellent waxing formulas. Which one we choose depends on the hair removal service you want and the sensitivity of your skin. We offer a free consultation with our waxing professionals and a quick patch test to determine which wax is best for your skin. Depending on the areas you want hair removed from, we might suggest a combination of the two waxes.

Our waxing services are quick and effective, as we try to provide a waxing experience for our clients, which is as comfortable as possible.

Eyebrow Wax – $18

Chin Wax – $15

Lip Wax – $15

Lip/Chin/Brow Combo – $40

Full Arm Wax – $30

Half Arm Wax – $23

Under-Arm Wax – $18

Full Leg Wax – $48

Upper Leg Wax – $40

Lower Leg Wax – $25

Half Leg and Bikini – $50

Full Leg and Bikini – $70

Contour Bikini Wax – $25

Full Bikini Wax – $35

Brazilian Bikini Wax – $45

Back Wax – $40

Hand Care



Ladies, stop running from your hair salon to your nail salon for your beauty care.

Ranging from the classic to the spa , prepare for your hands to be pampered as never before. All of our manicures include a fragrant soak, nail filing and shaping, cuticle conditioning, gentle exfoliation, massage and polish application.

Includes a fragrant soak, nail filing and shaping, cuticle conditioning, gentle exfoliation, massage and polish application

30 min – $30

Includes the benefits of our classic manicure with the addition of a soothing aromatherapy paraffin application to ease muscle tension and leave your hands silky smooth

45 min – $45

The Classic, the Spa and MORE! This luxurious manicure includes a Dead Sea salt exfoliation, hydrating hand massage and nourishing vitamin treatment

60 min – $60



Your experience begins with a foot soak in a therapeutic whirlpool bath, while you relax and unwind. All of our pedicures include a fragrant soak, nail filing and shaping, cuticle conditioning, gentle exfoliation, massage and polish application.

Includes a fragrant soak, nail filing and shaping, cuticle conditioning, gentle exfoliation, massage and polish application

60 min – $65

Includes the benefits of our classic pedicure with the addition of a soothing aromatherapy paraffin application to ease muscle tension and leave your feet silky smooth

75 min – 80$

The classic, the SPA and MORE! This deluxe pedicure includes a Dead Sea salt exfoliation, Dead Sea Mud wrap, hydrating foot massage and nourishing vitamin treatment

90 min – $120

Pamper yourself to a relaxing and moisturizing foot massage that focuses on tension and stress relief for your overworked calves and feet

30 min – $45

Polish Change – $25

French Tip Application – $10

Foot Care
Face Care



Our expert estheticians will discuss with you your skincare needs and then analyze and perform an exquisite facial to achieve the highest results.
All of our facial services include a skin analysis, cleansing, pore extractions as appropriate, mask, toning, facial massage and the application of moisturizer.

Soothes fine lines and firms delicate skin around the eyes


This luxury anti-age Facial involves the latest technologies including micro-needling and cell active ingredients that have a common goal to regenerate the natural Collagen and Elastin fibres deep within the skin. The eyes, lips and neck are specifically targeted for instant and long term age reduction and prevention.

75 min – $145

A perfect combination of nourishing ingredients to treat all skin types (includes cleaning, exfoliation, mask and facial massage)

60 min – $70

For optimum skin smoothing and balancing, this is designed for dehydrated or sun damaged skin. Vitamin C helps nourish and replenish moisture in the skin.

60 min – $85

This treatment reduces the visible signs and aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It provides intense re-hydration and cellular regeneration and leaves you with a feeling of tighter, fresher skin.

75 min – $145

Helps teens avoid and address skin problems and learn the importance of good skin care habits. Good skin requires an early start and proper skin care education.

60 min – $60

A deep cleansing and relaxing facial for skin irritated by shaving and sun exposure. This hydrating treatment leaves skin smooth and well conditioned.

60 min – $70

Focusing on the often-neglected delicate back area. Your back is deeply cleansed and exfoliated.

75 min – $80



Body treatments help promote wellness and soothe the spirit. Our gentle but effective exfoliation treatments are ideal preparations for the nourishing, hydrating properties of our body wraps. Scrubs remove the skin’s dry surface-layer cells to promote new growth and a healthful glow. Wraps rejuvenate and withdraw toxins and impurities from the skin. All of our body care treatments are followed by a skin softening application of rich, hydrating lotion. Whatever your mood, we have a treatment that will pleasure your senses.

Long been advocated for its healing benefits, Dead Sea minerals are unique in targeting sensitivity and inflammation, while providing softening effects to the skin.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub – $85
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Wrap – $85

True sea extracts are cultivated to formulate a nourishing treatment that softens and protects your skin from harsh environments and urban pollutants.

Sea Sand Scrub – $90
Aromatic Algae Gel Wrap – $90

Increases skin firmness & elasticity. Stretch marks and imperfections are masked and the appearance of cellulite reduced.

From $100

Body Care
Massage Therapy



Our therapeutic massages provide stress reduction, deep relaxation and offer relief from physical pain. Our registered massage therapists perform these treatments with pressure adjusted to individual client needs. All of our therapists are R.M.T.’s (registered massage therapists).

Based on various classical European massage techniques, this full body massage helps soothe and relax tired muscles and balances circulation. Swedish massage uses light to moderate pressure and conditioning with the application of oil or lotion.

55 min – $80

85 min – $120

This treatment involves therapeutic massage techniques to promote the healing and rejuvenation of tired and overworked muscles due to the rigors of sports, repetitive motion, and previous injuries. Trigger point therapy and the application of deeper pressure are used to bring relief to areas of choric tension.

55 min – $100

85 min – $160

A wonderful treatment for mothers-to-be; relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, reduces swelling and keeps mother and baby more relaxed.

55 min – $90

85 min – $140

Experience the incredible sensation of smooth, heated basalt stones coupled with a classic Swedish massage. The temperature of the stones and pressure of the strokes simultaneously relax and stimulate your muscles and improve circulation.

50 min – $140

80 min – $175

Thumb and finger pressure is applied to specific points to release tension while freeing you of anxiety through the nerve zones located on the feet.

30 min – $60

Designed to relieve stress and tension, concentrating on the scalp’s many pressure points through gentle acupressure.

30 min – $60



Microdermabrasion is the ideal treatment for people who wish to rejuvenate their skin on a regular basis. It is suitable for virtually anyone and has a more lasting effect than an ordinary facial which is more relaxing but whose effects are very temporary.

In Microdermabrasion fine particles of sand are blown against the skin and then sucked up by the application wand. It is a treatment that is good for fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and acne scarring. As our skin ages, it turns over more slowly. The sand particles used in Microdermabrasion cause a very mild injury to the skin causing the skin to turn over more rapidly. When skin cells turn over rapidly they look and behave as if they are part of a younger skin.

The effects of Microdermabrasion may be obvious to you almost immediately and after several treatments you will notice skin is more radiant, soft and regenerated with some decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

For men and women, Microdermabrasion offers a quick easy way to maintain their skin and a regular regime of microdermabrasion treatments can have a wonderful effect on the skin.

To see if microdermabrasion is a treatment that you would like call us at 450-629-0026 and make an appointment today. Ask about our year long program to keep your skin in tip top shape.

60 min session – $150

Micro Pass: Pre pay 5 sessions and get the 6th one free, a savings of almost 20%.

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Superficial age spots and acne scars
  • People with skin that is sensitive to chemicals
  • Younger people who may have early skin changes and want soft, smooth skin
  • People who want absolutely no downtime for healing

Microdermabrasion is frequently enhanced by using a personalized skin care regime. This may include the use of sun screens as well as other products such as Retin A. Our personalized skin care regime is based on an assessment by our qualified estheticians.





Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal that involves inserting a small-sterilized needle, also known as a filament, into the hair follicle. The skin is not punctured in any way, as the hair follicle is a natural opening in the skin, like a pore. A mild electrical pulse is then applied briefly, which destroys the papilla at the base of the hair. Once the hair has been treated, it is then lifted out from the follicle with a pair of tweezers or forceps. The client should hardly feel the hair being pulled out of the follicle, if they do then the hair has not been treated successfully and the Electrologist is merely plucking the hairs out. If this happens frequently, the client should discuss this with their Electrologist or seek other advice.

Electrolysis is not a one-time treatment; it takes many treatments and could take up to several years. Many factors determine the total amount of time it takes to successful get rid of the hair, such as how the hair has been treated before and for how long. Hairs that had been tweezed or waxed consistently for a long period of time will take longer to get rid of. Also, each individual responds differently to electrolysis depending on their own bio-chemistry. I like to remind women that are dealing with facial hair that it’s an ongoing battle as its hormonally stimulated hair.

Frequency of the treatments is very important, for optimal results it’s important to catch the hairs in its active growth cycle so not waiting too long between treatments is essential.

It’s also important to remember that the hairs that are visible above the surface of the skin are not your only hairs; there are other hair’s that are underneath the surface of the skin. An example of this is if someone has waxed before, they have probably noticed hair appearing as soon as 1 week later, sometimes even a few days, but they are not the same hairs; those are the hairs that were waiting underneath the skin. So the Electrologist has to treat each hair as it appears. The frequency of the treatments varies per person, they could be as frequent as once a week or as far apart as every 8 weeks, it all depends. To receive a more accurate treatment plan, a consultation is needed.

Each person’s skin reacts differently to electrolysis. You can expect your skin to be somewhat tender, red, and possibly a bit of swelling. Try applying an ice pack, this will cool down the skin, reduce redness, and lower any swelling. These symptoms usually don’t last longer than a few hours.

Most breakouts are caused by post treatment infection that is why it is very important to KEEP IT CLEAN! During electrolysis, the hair is actually removed from the follicle, leaving the follicle exposed and susceptible to infection. The first 12-24 hours after is when post treatment procedures are really important. Here are 5 simple rules to help keep your skin happy after a treatment.

Hands off! It’s very tempting, especially when you’re so used to playing with those hairs all the time. Touching the treated area only just transfers dirt and oil onto your skin.

Use a gentle anti-bacterial soap to cleanse the skin.

Disinfect the area often with a mild antiseptic/astringent (toner). It should be mild, not too strong as it can sometimes over strip the skin of its natural oils, causing your skin to produce more oil, which can lead to break-outs.

Avoid exercising. Excessive sweat and oil clog the follicles for 24-48 hours.

Avoid make-up and heavy sun screens for 48 hours. Let the skin breathe, this helps with preventing break-outs and also helps speed up the healing process.

10 min – $18

15 min – $24

20 min – $28

25 min – $34

30 min – $39

40 min – $44

45 min – $46

50 min – $52

55 min – $57

60 min – $60