Your hair will be the first thing they notice…and the last thing you have to worry about.

When you look back at your wedding photos, and see what a knock-out you are, you’ll be glad you planned ahead and did it right. The first step is realizing that St Laurent Trends is here to help. We’ll sit down with you and plan your beauty needs for you and your bridal party.

Book Your Wedding Hair and Makeup


The first step to wedding Makeup and Hairstyling is a consultation. This is where we get to collect basic information about the wedding such as:

  • Date
  • Time to be ready by
  • Makeup location address- if it is going to be at the salon, or at the location
  • If it is going to be a wedding party we would like to know the number of people who will be getting their makeup, hair, and false eyelashes done.
  • Makeup preference- weather you like Neutral, Conservative/Classic or Modern/Bold. If you have any bridal makeup pictures that you like please bring them along with you.
  • Hairstyle preference- Bring a picture of your dress –front and back, and any hair accessory/extensions/piece you would like to wear on your wedding day. If you have any pictures of hair styles you love, it would be helpful to know.

Now that you’ve had your consultation, given us wedding details, and narrowed down your favorite hair designs and makeup options, it’s time to book a trial. One of the biggest reasons that brides don’t end up with the hair/makeup artist of their choice is due to availability. In order to ensure that you don’t compromise on your wedding look, SLT would like to offer their best artist to the bride who books her date first. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you do not wait until the last minute and book your services way in advance.

On the day of your trial make sure to bring the following with you:

  • Pictures of your dress- front and back
  • Hair accessories you plan to wear: tiara, barrettes, veil, flowers, decorative hair pins etc.
  • Pictures of inspirational makeup and hair style from magazines
  • Photos of you in different settings wearing your day-to-day makeup and your evening makeup
  • You can also e-mail us the pictures AT STLAURENTTRENDS@VIDEOTRON.CA  so that we know what your preferences are before you come for the trial and we can save on time
  • A camera

Hair trial price is 75$ and make up trial price is 75$ (Estimated time for makeup and hair trial: 2 hours). |Depending on length and or thickness of hair, there may be a surcharge. Trial Includes:

  • Foundation match
  • Two variations of eye makeup and deciding on the final color combination and application
  • Finalizing blush/bronzer shades
  • Designing two variations of hairstyle/up do and finalizing style for the wedding day
  • Trying out False eyelashes (optional), additional fee for lashes
  • Finalizing on the Bridal saree/dress draping style


  • Schedule a hair and makeup consultation
  • Thread/wax/tweeze your eyebrows for the desired shape for your wedding day
  • Start your monthly facial treatments now to moisturize and brighten your skin. This will give a nice glow and clear your skin of any blemishes. This will also help keep your makeup natural and light on the day of the wedding so it does not look cakey
  • Get a haircut keeping your bridal style in mind
  • Schedule a hair and makeup trial
  • Book your wedding day appointment
  • Sign the contract
  • Schedule your monthly facial
  • Thread/wax/tweeze your eyebrows into shape
  • Book appointments for yourself and bridal party for facials and eyebrows shaping for a week before the wedding date
  • Book facials, haircuts and eyebrow shaping for groom and groomsmen
  • If you plan to have facial hair from forehead, sideburns, upper lip, chin and cheeks removed with waxing or threading, now is a good time to schedule one service. If there are any skin sensitivity issues we should take care of it now.
  • Waxing for you and members of the bridal party, of other areas of body like under arms, bikini, abdomen, back, legs and arms should be done once at this time. Some people develop a rash or acne after waxing therefore it is recommended that it should be tried in advance.
  • Looking to try something new with hair color, maybe a change of color or highlights, now is the time to do it.
  • Schedule your monthly facial
  • Get a haircut to freshen up the ends
  • Thread/wax/tweeze your eyebrows into shape
  • Get a warm oil scalp massage to relax and soothe yourself
  • Get a facial treatment
  • Get your waxing
  • Retouch your hair color
  • Get a hair treatment/hair mask/warm oil scalp massage
  • Go over the wedding day schedule with hair and makeup artists
  • Get enough rest the night before
  • Trust your makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Keep a straw with you to drink any beverages
  • Keep a lipstick in your bag for retouch
  • Every one getting an up-do should wash their hair the night before and refrain from applying any product to their hair
  • Everyone getting an up-do must wear button down shirt
Bridal Makeup Planner
Bridal Packages


Bridal Hair – $125

Bridal Hair Trial – $75

Bridal Makeup – $110

Bridal Makeup Trial – $75

Bridal Party Guest Hair – $75

Flower Girl – $45

Note: All prices should be read as “Starting From”. Long / thick hair may be extra.


Strategically scheduled services leading up to the big day!!!

  • 3 days before: eyebrow shaping / threading & Kerastase deep conditioning hair treatment (30-45 min)
  • 2 days before: pedicure with paraffin and hot oil foot massage (90 min)
  • 1 day before: manicure with paraffin and hot oil hand massage (45-60 min)
  • The big day: Bridal Make Up & Bridal Hair (no rush – we are all yours)


Price – $350.00

Note: All prices should be read as “Starting From”. Long / thick hair may be extra.

Get your man picture perfect for the big day!

Don’t Forget The Groom and Groomsmen!

These packages for the groom and his party are recommended one to two days prior to the wedding.


Look just right for the photos that will last a lifetime. The haircut or trim will clean up the edges to make a handsome appearance next to the beautiful bride.

Price – $ 30

Basic trimming and shaping to provide that clean professional appearance.

Price – $25

A thorough cleansing, toning and exfoliation combined with a nourishing mask (recommended 1 week prior to wedding).

Price – $65

Haircut or Trim, Hand Detail, Face Detail

Price – $120

Groom Prepared for Wedding